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The Faculty of SCIENCE

The faculty of Science was created in 1969. There are 183 faculty members working in various departments under the faculty of science.
List of Deans:
1.Professor Dr. Shamsul HaquePhysics26/05/196930/06/1970
2.Professor Dr. Md. Rashidul HoqueMathematics01/07/197030/06/1971
3.Professor Dr. A.K.S. AhmedChemistry01/07/197130/06/1972
4.Professor Dr. Shamsul HaquePhysics01/07/197230/11/1973
5.Professor Dr. A.K.S. AhmedChemistry01/12/197320/09/1974
6.Professor Dr. Eklas Uddin AhmedPhysics21/09/197420/09/1976
7.Professor Dr. A.K.S. AhmedChemistry21/09/197620/09/1980
8.Professor Dr. Md. Abdul Aziz KhanBotany21/09/198018/04/1981
9.Professor Md. Fazle HossainMathematics20/04/198121/09/1985
10.Professor Dr. Md. Nurul IslamPhysics22/09/198521/09/1989
11.Professor Dr. M.A. SalehChemistry22/09/198921/09/1991
12.Professor Md. Fazle HossainMathematics23/11/199114/03/1992
13.Professor Dr. Sultan AhmadStatistics14/03/199223/04/1994
14.Professor Dr. M.A. SalehChemistry23/04/199422/04/1996
15.Professor Dr. Md. Yusuf Sharif Ahmed KhanIMSF23/04/199629/10/1997
16.Professor Md. Fazle HossainMathematics30/10/199725/02/1998
17.Professor Dr. Md. Yusuf Sharif Ahmed KhanIMSF26/02/199822/04/1998
18.Professor Dr. M.A. MajidChemistry23/04/199828/06/2000
19.Professor Dr. Md. Nurul MustafaPhysics29/06/200016/11/2002
20.Professor Dr. Md. Yusuf Sharif Ahmed KhanIMSF17/11/200220/11/2002
21.Professor Dr. M.A. SalehChemistry21/11/200222/06/2005
22.Professor N.S.M. YahyaStatistics23/06/200508/04/2008
23.Professor Dr. Muhammad HabibullahChemistry09/04/200806/05/2010
24.Professor Dr. Md. Abul Kalam AzadMathematics06/05/201006/08/2012
25.Professor Dr. Md. Abdul KarimStatistics06/08/201214/09/2014
26.Professor Dr. Md. Abdul KarimStatistics14/09/201402/01/2017
27.Professor Dr. Mohammad Shafiul AlamInstitute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences02/01/2017---
Online CU Journals:
Live View of the Computer Center of Science Faculty:
English Teacher of Science Faculty :
(01) Name: Md. Khurshedul Alam
Designation: Lecturer in English
Cell # +8801723398740
(02) Name: Fahmeda Yeasmin
Designation: Lecturer in English
Cell # +8801724256012
Department List:
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