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Language and Linguistics as a Discipline:
Language is considered to be the most important human phenomenon. And, Linguistics, the scientific study of language, contributes to our knowledge of human psyche and human society as it investigates the nature of human communication through language. For this reason, there is a rich history of studying Language and Linguistics in many parts of the world, especially in ancient India, Greece and China. In Bangladesh, there is a long tradition of studying Linguistics by eminent scholars like Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah, Professor Munir Chowdhury, Professor Muhammad Abdul Hye, Abdul Karim Sahittabisharad, Professor Dr. Humayun Azad, etc.
The importance of this discipline is now recognized throughout the world. As a branch of modern human science, linguistics deals with language, its components, and language-related domains ranging from natural language processing and artificial intelligence of information and communication technology to neuro-linguistics and language pathology.

Thus Language and Linguistics, a multidisciplinary field of study, combines diverse subjects such as Semiotics, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Literary Criticism, Biology, Mathematics and Statistics.
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