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Dean's Message
Faculty of Business Administration has been contributing to the nation by supplying globally competitive graduates (MBA & BBA) since its inception in 1970. The faculty has highly qualified faculty members, very competitive students and skilled support-staff, who have been working very hard to achieve its vision of creating leaders for the world in general and for Bangladesh in particular. The journey of BBA program in Bangladesh, we can proudly say, started from this faculty and gradually has spread throughout the whole country. The curriculum for the BBA and MBA programs are continuously developed corresponding chiefly to North American systems. We have very close relationship with different national, multinational, transnational and supranational organizations to upgrade our curriculum so as to fulfill the demand of those organizations. Our graduates are working throughout the world and serving with high reputation.
We have separate publication containing the same for the MBA program. We also have separate Ordinance and Curriculum for M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees. We have six departments offering BBA program of 120 credits that include 38 courses in different functional areas and 2 courses for internship, term paper, industrial tour report and viva voce.

Our honorable faculty members have contributed immensely to update and to design the curriculum. I am highly indebted to them for their valuable contribution. I hope that our stakeholders like the employers, alumni, students and academic staff will come forward in future with their thoughtful opinion and suggestion to update our curriculum.

Professor Dr. A. F. M. Aowrangazeb
Business Administration Faculty
University of Chittagong
Chittagong 4331, BANGLADESH
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