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The department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was established in 2011. The department which started with an undergraduate course in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering is presently offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Chemical engineering, petrochemicals, polymer technology, pharmaceutical technology, material science and nanotechnology, bioscience and bioengineering, industrial chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental science and technology. The curriculum and syllabus for the undergraduate and postgraduate courses have been periodically updated in line with the development of modern science and technology. The department has fully equipped undergraduate laboratories in the core areas of chemical and environmental technologies to impart practical knowledge to the students. As it is a new department, we do believe that the students of the department will be placed in established process and product industries through all over the world.
Research activities in the department were initiated by the faculty member over the conventional areas of chemical engineering, bioscience and bioengineering, and environmental field. Over the period of years the areas of research have moved with the developments in the chemical industries. The active and rich research culture of the department has been maintained and focusing to the 'Eco-friendly Industrial Development'.
The Department has about 60 undergraduate students and 06 regular faculty members now. Our Department has been successful to attract the right mix of high qualified, experienced and professional faculty members. Most of the senior faculties have overseas teaching and research experiences. Therefore, our students have a unique opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of highly competent, intellectual, professional and devoted educators.
Founding Chairman's Message:
Welcome to the Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chittagong University (CU), Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing country and facing different problems like to set up a new chemical process industry, climate change and environmental pollution etc. In other words, to set up a chemical process industry which should be eco-friendly is most important for the planet. The department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is developing the people, knowledge, and enterprises needed to support a vibrant technology-based on environment friendly. Chemistry is one of the foundations of our modern civilization has applications in a wide range of fields. The objective of the Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is to provide education and research from the fundamentals of Chemistry to the most recent fields of applied chemical science.
We appreciate your interest in this department. If you are interested in converting raw materials into products which is useful without toxicity or by modifying the different state of a substance to create better materials which is eco-friendly then our department is definitely the right place for you to extend your study.
We would like to educate you for our future leaders. We also like to cultivate knowledge to our creative undergraduate/post-graduate students; and we strive to nurture a passion in them for science, engineering, technology and environment. To provide a stimulating learning and research environment, we expose our students to a wide diversity and hands-on teaching and learning styles. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our curriculum, academia, and research. It is the best time indeed, to be a chemist and to apply your knowledge for welfare of the planet.
-Dr. Mohammad Helal Uddin
Professor and Chairman
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Faculty Members:
Dr. Mohammad Helal Uddin
Professor and Founder Chairman

Field of Interest:
Natural Products Chemistry, Chemistry of Bioactive Compounds, Drugs from Sea, Environmental Research.
Md. Nazrul Islam
Associate Professor and Ex-Chairman

Field of Interest:
Environmental Research (Physicochemical assessment of surface and ground water pollutants, soil and air pollutants), Chemical and Biological studies on natural and synthetic compounds [Synthesis, characterization and Biological evaluation (Anticancer, antimicrobial and pesticidal activity) of such compounds].
+880-31-2606001-10, +880-31-716552 Ext: 4299, +8801721703535,
Dr. Sumon Ganguli
Associate Professor and Chairman

Field of Interest:
Bio-polymers, Enzyme Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Nano-Chemistry, Drug Delivery System.
880-31-2606001-10, 880-31- 716552 Ext: 4299, 01757-808239, 01965-835822
Md. Didarul Alam Chowdhury
Assistant Professor

Field of Interest:
Biofuels and Motor Fuels, Pulp and Paper research, Colloid Chemistry and Environmental Research.
880-31-2606001-10, 880-31- 716552 Ext: 4299, 8801835394890, 01683600834
Ayesha Afrin
Assistant Professor

Field of Interest:
Environmental Chemistry, Genetics, Natural Product Chemistry, Materials Chemistry.
880-31-2606001-10, 880-31- 716552 Ext: 4299, 8801716-429991/01816-826518
Dr. Suman Barua
Assistant Professor

Field of Interest:
Behaviour of trace elements in the hydrosphere. Soil Pollution management and environmental protection. Waste water management technics and practice for reuse. Shipbreaking pollution control. Solid and liquid waste management. Solid phase extraction method development for selective separation of toxic metal.
+88-01777388800, +88-01817750736,
Mr. Kamol Dey
Assistant Professor (Study Leave, Italy)

Field of Interest:
Synthesis of nanostructures with controlled size and shape; 1D, 2D and 3D nanoarchitectures for photocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis; Porous nanocomposites for supercapacitance, Fiber-reinforced composite.
Md. Ashraful Hoque
Assistant Professor

Field of Interest:
Environmental Research, Paints and Varnishes, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Natural Gases, Lipids.
Mr. Aminul Islam Chowdhury

Field of Interest:
Emerging contaminants in environment. Environmental pollution and its control,trace and heavy metals in soil and water. Nanocomposite. Ground water transport. Analytical aspect of chemistry.
+880-31-2606001-10-716552 Ext 4299;
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