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Research in the University of Chittagong


Most of the faculty members take keen interest in research work to build their professional career. To facilitate the research activities, Research Cell at Science, Nazrul Research Centre and Bureau of Business Research have been operating. Funds are also procured from outside research organizations by the faculty members to continue research in their own fields of study. Some faculty members have earned reputations for their outstanding research works resulting in the development of new technologies. The number of higher-degree research students is on the increase day by day.


The University of Chittagong is dedicated to the advancement of learning and is committed to promote research in all fields of knowledge. New research projects are undertaken every year. Research journals are also published by individual departments.

Most importantly, the University’s research enterprise is devoted to the search for knowledge and truth that upholds the University’s commitment to education. This combination of activities strengthens the University’s mission of service resulting in the continued improvement of quality of life for the citizens of Bangladesh and the rest of the world.


Online CU Journals: 

CU Journal of Science


Online Journal of BAS-INASP-PERI



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