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Natural Beauty



Tree Plantation


More than 400 acres of land have already been brought under tree plantation programme. These plantations are mainly used for research and to put a vegetation cover on the campus. More than 200 tree species of both indigenous and exotic nature have already been planted in the campus. There is also a plan to conserve the threatened and endangered species in the campus through these plantation programmes. The Institute of Forestry & Environmental Sciences and the Department of Botany are mainly taking care of the plantation programmes on the campus. Various private organizations are often permitted to take part in tree plantation.




Animal Life


The campus is also very rich with diverse species of animals and birds. At least 130 species of birds have been found. A list of wildlife and insects is under preparation. With the afforestation programme, the diversity of animal life has also been increasing gradually. People residing in the campus can enjoy the melodious sounds of different types of birds and animals at different times. The university authority adheres to the policy of preserving as well as extending the facilities for wildlife in the campus




Botanical Garden


An ideal botanical garden has been established on the southern side of the university campus over an area of 60 acres of undulated land for the conservation of both indigenous and exotic plant species of academic and aesthetic interests. More than 10,000 plants of about 400 species comprising over 150 families of both exotic and indigenous species of timber, medicinal, fruits, spices, beverage, latex, orchids, novelty etc. have been preserved or are growing naturally and used as experimental materials. About 72 species of orchids and a good number of rare shade plants have been conserved in the Orchidarium and Conservatory House respectively. At present, new management policy has been formulated to give it a sustainable shape both for academic and aesthetic aspects. The Department of Botany has also been associated with roadside plantation of the university.

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